So I did this thing here

Name: allany
Western Star Sign: aquarius, the water carrier
Chinese Zodiac (Animal): pig, the friend
Western Element: air, thought
Chinese Element: wood
Planet: saturn, morose
Yin-Yang Symbol: yin
Celtic Druid Zodiac: elm tree, the noble-minded
Birthstone: garnet, sensuality (eh?)
Divine Number: 5, the aventurous
Season: winter
Divine Colour: yellow, the innocent
Day of the Week: monday (eeeh??)


shinee - 2008-2014


during music shows i always feel bad for whoever has to perform after shinee… and before shinee….. and anyone else during the entire show

Ryeowook said on sukira on 07/18 (regarding gay relationships) that even if you can’t get the approval of the world… you don’t need anyone else’s approval to love someone

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Some hidden bridge vocals from Krystal, Amber, and Luna in Red Light.

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