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lil things boy groups don’t have to deal with


  1. dancing in heels
  2. long hair in face
  3. periods
  4. being questioned about their weight on television
  5. receiving poor reception for not answering personal questions
  6. criticized for their age
  7. objectifying creep shots 
  8. creepy old man fans who parade under being “fatherly”
  9. receiving misogynistic treatment from male fans
  10. receiving misogynistic treatment from female fans
  11. for posting “too many” selfies on social media
  12. for being “too vain” or “too cold”
  13. getting plastic surgery
  14. not getting plastic surgery
  15. being criticized for sexy concepts
  16. being criticized for cute concepts
  17. being criticized simply for their gender
  18. being criticized for not being a perfect human being 

introducing: red velvet

140726 Leeteuk, Kyuhyun, and Donghae at SM // via PLATATEE

SHINee - Password  from ‘Boys Meet U’ album


Things I love about my bias  His aegyo.



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